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Homer Associates: Bournemouth Office, Dorset BH11 8BT

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1. How do I make enquiries for prices?

Simply look at the price list screen for popular destinations. (Remember that we are mainly pricing to/from Bournemouth from Major airports in the south of England). OR email your enquiry or phone or fax us.


2. How do I book a car or vehicle?

Again you can book through our site by filling in the quote and booking form, or you can phone or fax the office.


3. How do I pay the deposit?

Payment can be made ‘online’ using our card system, and you can also pay by cheque, or by bank transfer in the UK.


4. When do I pay the outbound/inbound fare?

The outbound fare should be paid to the driver, either cash or cheque with credit card no.
On the return trip the balance should be paid to the driver less any deposit.
The driver will advise you of any parking charges for picking you up
Receipt may be requested from the driver on both trips as required.


5. Return trips.

If you are travelling to and from a venue or airport, then the pick up details must be agreed with the booking office before the transfer.


6. Changes to travel arrangements.

Do not rely on the driver to advise the office of changes to arrangements. Make all changes in writing to the booking office. Our Terms & Conditions apply.


7. Account customers booking requirements.

These are arranged on an individually negotiated basis with the client company and remain confidential between the client and the business.


8. Meeting customers at the airport.

Flight arrivals meeting arrangements: –
We monitor the flights and their actual arrivals times, we try to arrange to come into the airport car parks when we know the plane has been down for 30 to 45 mins. This is the average time it takes to go through the baggage, & customs hall. You will be met at the Information Desk area, with your name on our greetings board.


9. Parking costs when we meet you at the airport.

We try to keep your parking bill to the minimum. We meet you at the information desk in the arrivals hall in the terminal you arrive at.


10. Illegal pick-ups.

NOTE although less reputable services may offer to pick you up at the drop off point, it is an offence to pick up customers at the drop points & the driver is liable to a fine or to be towed away by the airport police.


11. Help from the customer.

If the customer is aware of late take offs we would appreciate a call to advise our office. Very often you are aware of the local situation long before we are advised.

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